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We have collected different places in and around Pécs, so you can explore the beauty of Pécs during your stay.

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Historical sites
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Sites to visit near Pécs

Historical sites

You can feel the historical background of Pécs when you visit these places

1. Gázi Kászim pasa Dzsámija

One of the symbols of Pécs, showing the cultural influence of the Turks who lived here for almost 300 years.


pasha qasim Source

2. St. Peter and Paul Cathedral

Built after the original romanesque dome burnt down. The new and a lot bigger cathedral went through phases of renovations. Once, it was baroque, neo-gothic, and neo-romanesque that you can see now. We recommend you to see it from the inside too; it’s beautiful. Behind the cathedral, for a tiny plus, you can see the medieval university building.


cathedral Source

3. Cella Septichora

Back in the Roman ages, as a part of Pannonia Provincia, Pécs was called Sopianae. Cella Septichora is part of the UNESCO World Heritage because of the beautifully painted Paleochristian burial architecture.


cella Source

4. Vasarely Museum

Pécs is the home city of lots of artists. The famous Op Art artist Victor Vasarelly was born in Pécs in 1908. He spent his life in France, but he donated his artworks to his home city.


vasaraly-muzeum-pecs Source

5. Csontváry Museum

Another famous artist of Pécs, Csontváry Kosztka Tivadar, who started his career as a pharmacist, but became one of the most famous painters of Hungary.


csontvary-muzeum-pecs Source

6. Király street

From the main square, Széchenyi square, you can reach the main street of Pécs, Király street. This is the best place if you want to have a drink or eat some nice dishes. You can find the best and most hype pubs of Pécs on this street. Also, the beautiful building of the National Theatre of Pécs is on this street too.


kiraly-pecs Source

7. Balokány Park

The best place if you love the atmosphere of abandoned places. Balokány is a nice park created out of the garden of the old Balokány pool.


balkony park Source

balkony lake Source

8. Zsolnay Cultural Quarter

At the former Zsolnay factory you can spend a whole day if you wish. You can borrow blankets from the visitor center and chill on the nice fresh grass or try handmade chocolate after stargazing at the planetarium, visit the museums related to the Zsolnay family and manufacture or enjoy contemporary art at the M21 Gallery.


Zsolnay Source

9. Uránváros

Experience the “ideal modern city” built during Communism. If you’re into Cold War history, you might find this part of the city interesting. It was built for the uranium miners, the perfect, working-class men, and their families. It was a status symbol at that time to live at Uránváros. Also, it’s worth strolling around the blocks, because you can find, unexpectedly, many exciting hidden sculptures from this era. There is one contemporary public art installation the 37m2 made in 2011.


uranvarous Source

The best views in Pécs

After you got familiar with our history, you can experience the unique Pécs vibe when you’re visiting these places.

We suggest sunset or night as a timing.

10. Nyolc boldogság terasz

This place is famous for its beautiful scenery from the terrace. This is a really popular date spot amongst teenagers.


Nyolc Source

11. Niké statue

Another popular date spot is the beautiful statue of Niké. You can win anyone’s heart up here.


nike-pecs Source

12.Tettye and Havihegy

The best spot for early-night picnics in the summer. By the ruins of the old palace than “tekke” near the forest, you can enjoy cooler weather and fresh air. It is not an exhausting walk from there to the hill of Havihegy, where you can see a small chapel that was built after the plague by the citizens of Pécs. Next to the chapel there’s an old almond tree, which was awarded the European Tree of The Year in 2019.

Address: Tettye Havihegy

Tettye pecs Source

13. Pécs Eye

Pécs Eye is a fun way to hang out with your friends. Catch the sunset from there, it is bound to be beautiful. Best choice out of all, if you prefer an industrial environment.


pecs eye Source

14. TV tower

The highest point of Pécs and the tallest building in Hungary. The tower was built between 1968 and 1973, and stands at 197 metres high. A high-speed lift whisks you up to the cafe and observation platform at 72 metres, where there's a small exhibition about the Komlosaurus dinosaur, discovered in the Mecsek range in 1983. The main attraction is the cinematic view of Pécs and the Baranyai hills to the south. When the weather is clear, you can see the faint outline of eastern Croatia's Papuk mountain, some 100 kilometres to the southwest.


tv tower Source

Natural sites in Pecs

If you have had enough of the city and culture, you can escape to these nice places for a hike.

15. Malomvölgy

Malomvölgy is a favourite picnic place amongst families on the weekends. If you’re feeling sporty, this is one of the best places for a run.


Malomvölgy Source

16. Égervölgy

Another easily reachable spot is Égervölgy. Here you can find a lake and stream in a valley.


eagervolgy Source

17. Melegmányi vízesés

At this beautiful place you can find a nice waterfall in the woods.


Melegmányi Source

18. Jakabhegy and Zsongorkő

This is a bigger hike from the city, but definitely worth the effort. Here you can find the ruins of an old monastery. Also, from here a short stroll and you get to Zsongorkő viewpoint with a breathtaking scenery.

Address: Jakabhegy Zsongorkő

Tettye pecs Source

19. Rotary körsétány

Near the TV tower you can find this nice hiking area. Just a few minutes away from the tower you can see this amazing view, at Kis-Tubes.


Rotary Source


If you want to get some unique souvenirs we suggest you visit these places.

20. Vásártér

A chaotic yet exciting place to go to, the Sunday Market of Pécs! Prepare google translate and bargain yourself away! The flea market might just have what you need!


vasarter Source

21. Coollab and Monokrom Design

If you’re a lover of small businesses and unique souvenirs, you should visit these small boutiques.

Address: Coollab Monokrom

Coollab Source

Getting around Pécs

If you can’t get enough of Pécs, you should visit the region of the city to see the gems of Baranya county.

22. Villány

The famous wine region of Hungary. Here we suggest you visit the row of wine cellars, and the Sculpture Park of Nagyharsány.


Villány Source

23. Siklós

This town is famous for its beautiful castle and thermal spa. If you visit, please be sure to check out both of them!

Address: Siklos Castle Thermal Spa

Siklos castleSource thermal spaSource

24. Orfű

The favourite place of citizens of Pécs! We go for its beautiful lakes, aqua park and beaches. In the summer, there’s a music festival and in the winter, you can skate on the frozen lake. In early spring, you should visit the village when they hold the wild garlic festival. Collect some for yourself too!


orfu Source orfu Source