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How to get to Pécs

The largest airport in Hungary is found in Budapest and it's highly recommended that students use this when traveling to Pecs. Because the journey to Pecs will be shorter as compared to other airports. You also have to know that it is easy to get here by airplane but traveling by bus or train might be hard because of the language differences. Hungary is still an international and friendly country so the journey to Pecs will be pleasant. Try to ask as many people as you can about the correct directions or contact us if you need anything. Make sure you pronounce the city name correctly. (PAYTCH)

  • You can use the following apps and sites to get better results on planning your route

you can download the app or search in the default browser with moovitapp. It has real-time updates.

From the Airport

Do not be afraid if you booked your ticket to Budapest, you will manage to find your way around Hungary also. After your flight, your travel becomes a little bit tricky.
From the airport, we suggest you three options to reach Pécs. Shuttle/minibus, long-distance bus or train. When you get on the local bus or the metro, do not forget to validate your ticket in the validator machine which is on the vehicle.

How many tickets would you need for it? You have two options:

  • You need two single tickets: One for the bus and one for the metro/tram. (You can change the metro lines with one ticket.)
  • Or you need one transfer ticket: Valid for a single trip including one transfer. You can use it first on the bus/tram, secondly on the metro, or vice versa.

- The price of the single ticket from the ticket machine: 350 HUF
- The price of the single ticket from the bus/Tram driver: 450 HUF
- The price of the transfer ticket from the ticket machine: 530 HUF


There are ticket vending machines mostly at every stop, and it allows bank cards as well. You can buy your ticket also at the newspaper stands.

Train – From the airport to the train station 

Liszt Ferenc International Airport ----> (bus 200E) Kőbánya - Kispest M ----->

subway/Metro M3 Nagyvárad tér ----> (Tram 24) Keleti pályaudvar M (Keleti Railway Station)

  • First, you need to take the bus 200E. Its line starts from the airport and ends at Kőbánya - Kispest M. [11 stops] (This is the last station of bus 200E).
  • you get off the bus at the last station which is Kőbánya - Kispest M and change to subway/metro M3 Nagyvárad tér and then get off the at last stop which Nagyvárad tér [5 stops].
  • Now you will change from metro M3 to Tram 2M or 24 Keleti pályaudvar M by walking towards the Tram stations as shown in the map below and travel until the last stop which will be the Keleti railway station.

  • After getting off from Tram walk straight and find this building below.

  • Now walk towards the Keleti station and find a ticket machine to buy tickets or look for customer information on your right as soon as you enter Keleti railway station.


Train – From the train station to Pécs

You can travel to Pécs directly from the Keleti Train Station. If you arrive in Budapest you can approach the station easily by metro. There are more types of trains, but the fastest one in the InterCity (IC). You can catch an IC in every second hour to Pécs. You have to buy your train ticket at the station. (You can buy a ticket on the train, but you have to pay an extra fee if you choose this option.) For the InterCity, you will get two tickets. One is for the seat reservation and the other is for the travel. During the pandemic, you will get only one ticket so you can sit anywhere on the train. The conductor will check your tickets during the trip. If you have a student ticket, you will be asked to show your student ID.

Total travel time: ~3-3:30h.

Ticket prices for InterCity trains:
- Full fare:
~4605 HUF - 2nd class

~5595 HUF - 1st class

With student card*

~2635 HUF - 2nd class

~3625 HUF - 1st class

You can check the train schedule and the ticket prices on this website:


Long-distance bus

If you would like to go on a long-distance bus from Budapest to Pecs then the following information is for you.

From the Airport to the bus station:

Liszt Ferenc International Airport ---->(bus 200E) Kőbánya-Kispest M ---->M3 Nagyvárad tér -----> Nepliget


  • First, you need to take the bus 200E. Its line starts from the airport and ends at Kőbánya - Kispest M. [11 stops] (This is the last station of bus 200E.)
  • From here switch to subway/metro line M3 Nagyvárad tér and get off at negligent metro station [4 stops]
  • Come out of the metro station and go to the bus station. You can catch the long-distance bus from there to Pecs, the ticket can be bought from the Bus driver.

Bus – From the central bus station to Pécs

You can travel to Pécs directly from the Népliget Central Station

Total travel time: ~4h.

Ticket prices

Full fare:  3600-4200 HUF

With student card*: Between 1800-2100 HUF

Buses don’t have numbers and for more information, there are information desks. But most of the time they depart from platform 8 or 9.

You can check the long-distance bus schedule on this webpage (the site is in the Hungarian language, but you can check the times – not the prices – easily.):


Shuttle/Minibus – From the airport to your accommodation

The easiest way from the Liszt Ferenc International Airport to Pécs for those who have huge luggage and want to avoid public transport.
For international students, the price is ~9000 HUF. When you reserve your place on the bus, make sure you mention that you are an international student, otherwise it will cost more.

You can find more details by following this link:



Another popular shuttle service is: 

Mecsek Travel


You can also book a car ride-sharing service but make sure to contact your mentor and ask for help before booking at


*Student discounts

  • In Hungary usually, you can get a student discount for anything. For instance: entrance fee in museums, parties or other attractions, public transport (bus pass, train ticket), etc.
  • On the trains and long-distance buses: if you are from an EU or EEA country you have the right to get a 50% discount with a student card. At the ticket office ask for a student ticket.
  • On the student ID your name, home university, expiration date, and your picture have to be visible. (If there is no picture on it, you have to show your passport or ID.) The ISIC card can be used only if you obtained it at your home university and its name is on the card.
  • You can get a monthly pass for half price for local buses in Pécs with your Hungarian, EU, or EEA student card. You can get your UP student card at the Registrar’s office of your faculty after the orientation day.
  • If you are not from an EU or EEA country and you do not have a student card from the University of Pécs yet but you are under 26, you can get a 33% youth discount FOR TRAINS on weekends and on national holidays!

For instance:
- from Friday 10:00 to Sunday 24:00 (exception 7th and 14th December)
- from 22nd October 10:00 to 23rd October 24:00
- from 31st October 10:00 to 3rd November 24:00