Do you want to try something new ? something you might not have done before ?

Then join us this Friday to Tüskésrét Wakeboard field and try the awesome water sport "Wakeboarding" !

When : Friday 13.09.2019
Price : 5000 Ft/ Person (west and board included) for 3 hours !
Bring your own swimsuit, towel, etc .. and if it is cold you can rent a neoprene there.
Location : Tüskésrét Wakeboard field (Central Wakeboard Park )

There is also "Jumping Castle" in the Water which is fun to swim at!

If you don’t want to wakeboard or swim you can CHILL there (they have a buffet so you don’t have to worry about food and drinks)
Or you can play Sand VOLLEYBALL.

Meeting point: Árkád bus station at 13:00
Don’t forget to validate your ticket on the bus after you purchased it!

Hope to see you all there !
ESN Pécs

13/09/2019 - 13:00
Tüskésrét Wakeboard field
Meeting Point: